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Whether you’re a fan of the MCU’s Spider-Man suit or the one from the Sam Raimi movies, there’s one thing we can all agree on: neither suit really gets it perfect. Early in the game, Spider-Man’s iconic suit gets torn up in a battle. Over the years, Spider-Man’s costume has been ripped to shreds several times. Will almost certainly go down as one of the biggest games of 2018. While the game gives Spider-Man all of his signature abilities, it also dives into Spidey’s surprisingly large wardrobe with over two dozen alternate suits and costumes. Although the first suit was a phenomenal new look for the web-slinger, Webb wanted to give Spider-Man a more comic-accurate appearance for the second film and specifically asked for the biggest eye lenses possible. This suit was first introduced at the end of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming before the Stark-tech suit made its full appearance on Peter Parker’s person in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. Before he became Spider-Man, Peter Parker had an extremely short career as a masked wrestler. Peter Parker has become Spiderman! This created the opportunity for all three live action versions of Peter Parker to share the screen, bringing back Maguire and Garfield after their franchises ended in 2007 and 2014, respectively.

OK, I’m not sure if that’s actually a commonly held opinion, but this MCU/Raimi hybrid suit, created using screenshots from Marvel’s Spider-Man, seems like it takes the best elements of both suits and combines them into one. Using clothes he had lying around, Peter put together a homemade suit that manages to capture the spirit of Spider-Man’s classic costume by inverting the colors of the Scarlet Spider suit. This cel-shaded Spider-Man costume looks like it jumped off of a comic book page, complete with bold primary colors and ink outlines that pop. Maybe it’s the gloomy background, but this neatly dressed hero looks surprisingly creepy. Compared to those, the haphazard homemade suit looks a little bit out of place in the game, and it doesn’t unlock any special abilities either. The brunette beauty had her wavy shoulder-length tresses poking out from under a navy New York Yankees cap. Still, the “Undies” suit unlocks the equalizer ability, where Spider-Man and his enemies can be knocked out with one punch.

Oh boy. This one needs some explaining. One of the best-selling games of 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers fans a raw, gritty and provocative narrative. Between his colorful rogues’ gallery of villains and the unique way he moves and fights, Marvel’s wall-crawler has provided the perfect set-up for some of the best superhero video games ever made. Spider-Man is the perfect superhero for video games. Spider-Man Uniform is a superhero suit used by Peter Parker to protect his identity. After Tony Stark took away Spider-Man’s suit in 2015’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, girl spiderman costume Tom Holland’s Peter Parker had to get creative. Web Grenade: An explosive charge of Spider-Man’s webs, which detonated releases another, more powerful web either in the form of a net or another web line. Due to the shock that Doctor Octopus took Mary Jane hostage in an attempt to lure Spider-Man into a trap, Peter’s powers fully return and he dons his suit again by stealing it from the Bugle and leaving a note on a web on the wall where his suit was.

The lenses could widen and squint to allow him to block extra stimuli due to his highly enhanced senses making it difficult for him to focus. This mechanism also helps Parker filter out extra stimuli, as well as display a HUD for Peter to use. She also knows about him skipping detention at school earlier that day, that he missed out on the Decathlon competition in Washington, AND he sneaks out out of the house every night. Check out All Spider-Man PS4 Suits ranked , my original blog covering the suits the came in the main game. His main interests include DC Comics, Star Wars, Marvel Entertainment, Peanuts, Image Comics, Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, and other fantasy/fiction franchises. The real link it has back to the comic comes in that this shiny and angular suit is designed by one of Marvel comics’ artists (and one of my favorite at that) Gabriele Dell’Otto.

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