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Replacing Classic, Advanced, & Anti-Ock Suits In FORCED Instances: Part 11 | Marvel’s Spider-Man

If you’re a general player, you’ve probably thought about this…
If you’re a modder, you’ve probably been ASKED about this…

“Can you replace ____ with ____?”

Now, if you’re an EXPERIENCED modder and you’re ABLE to make these suits do WHATEVER you want them to do, then that’s one thing…

I, on the other hand, am not so experienced haha. What I CAN do, however, is show all you players what would happen in EVERY situation if you were able to get your wish of replacing one costume in a cutscene with another (and the potential pros AND cons that come with it). These, as far as I know, are the only cutscenes that FORCE you to be in specific suits (excluding New Game + files where you already have all the suits)
Now that I’m making these videos using MODDED suits (.smpcmods; can’t currently for .suits), it’s a toss of the coin how they turn out… and that’s why I’m making these videos
Part 11 Timestamps:
– Northern Spider for all FORCED instances | 0:00-11:26
– No Way Home “Final Swing” for all FORCED instances | 11:26-22:49

– Agent Venom for all FORCED instances | 22:49-34:15

– Spider-Man: Unlimited for all FORCED instances | 34:15-45:37

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